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NHC Hotel Nearly Full

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If you plan on attending the National Homebrew Conference this summer, call TODAY to book a room (866-837-4278). All of the economy rooms ($109) are already booked, most of the Deluxe rooms ($129) are gone, and there is only a limited number of Club rooms ($149) available. I don't know if they'll set up a wait list for the economy rooms (like in years past), but don't wait and gamble on it.  :(

I was the Local Committee Chairman in Cincinnati in 2008. We dealt with a lot of people who did not book ahead, and got lucky with finding enough rooms for all. Don't put yourself in that situation.

And while you're at it, send in your conference registration too. I don't know what the capacity limits are this year, but don't get shut out of something you want to attend. For several years in a row the conference has been booked into ever bigger spaces, and we thought we had enough room to handle record growth, and it's still filled up.

With that said, I can't wait! Now I need to plan my brewing schedule so I'm ready for Club Night. I hope to see you there!

Thanks for the update! I've already got mine booked, but thought I'd give this one a bump for those who haven't.  :)

Gosh, I almost gave me a heart attack. I searched my e-mail for a confirmation and couldn’t find any. So I called the hotel to confirm that I’m all set. Now I feel much better.


I went through pretty much the same thing!

We booked and registered early.  It will be good to see people again (like Jeff), and meet some new people (like Kai).

It is one of our favorite thing to do during the year.


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