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Edit: Sneak Preview of a soon to be released beer....

I did a visit to Ft. Collins this weekend and the bar back
at the New Belgium brewery brought me a taste of the
Only bottle I saw of a new upcoming release named
Snow Daze. It looked to me like he kind of snuck it
out of the cooler and busted it open and poured it
into about 4 glasses. It is brewed with Black Wheat...and
has the appearance of a dark beer with the body and
flavor of a Not dark beer.  Hop bill was Cascade,
Amarillo, and Styrian Goldings if I recall correctly.
It is the replacement for the old 2 Below which they told me
was due back in production 2 years from now.  I anxiously
await the official release of this brew and will seek it out
in November for a re-tasting. I gotta say I was not disappointed.

Edit:Never saw this before now.

Oh boy! Sampling beers are we? I had to work all weekend.  :P

As a big fan of New Belgium, but not so much of 2 Below, I will anxiously wait to see this beer appear on the shelves at my local grocery store. Sounds tasty, thanks for the heads up!

found it on their www site

That barback was just going off his memory and no telling how many beers he had tasted
so my description above is different than their official site write up...sorry it was 2nd hand info.

Here is the official blurb...

ABV -  6.2%  
IBU -  55  
Calories -  190  
Hops -  Styrian Golding, Centennial, Cascade  
Malts -  Pale, C-80, Midnight Wheat  
OG -  17  
TG -  2.35  

Edit: Local Distributer has this even in BFE Whyomin in several locations at this time...

I remember I had it, otherwise not so memorable  ;D


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