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Snow Day New offering New Belgium

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--- Quote from: MDixon on November 18, 2011, 01:40:07 PM ---I remember I had it, otherwise not so memorable  ;D

--- End quote ---
+1 but I will get a 6 pack to re-live the moment....

I was impressed with the hop aroma.

I like this beer.  It is not 2 below but it is not at all bad. Good level of hops...
The dark color and light colored beer attributes is a unique dichotomy.
I will re-live this again.... :)

Recently picked up 9 of the seasonal beers I can get here in portland.  Tried 6 of them so far, this one is, well, the most non-descript.  The ninkasi (double alt) is a great malty beer and the SN celebration is (of course) a great hoppy beer. but the snow day was quite unremarkable and bland.

I had one the other day and liked it. wasn't blown away. The color was nice and the hint of roastiness I liked, the wife not so much. reminded me of a schwartzbeir or really light porter. didn't get much in the way of wheat character the hop presense was at a good level for me, agian not so much for the wife.


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