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Louisville, Kentucky

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the AHA card/discount is really a conversation starter, not so much about a discount. 

Finished up with a wonderful Hot Brown and then some Elmer T Lee at the BBC.  People we're amazingly friendly, Louisville is a great place to visit.  Thanks again for the suggestions!

Ok, I know this is way late and I've been warned. But for anybody else headed through Louisville -maybe this summer. Two things to remember -
1. Bourbon. You can get whiskey anywhere.
2. Doc Crow's BBQ on Main Street. Just down the street from the ball park. And yes, only baseball is played in a park.

I don't remember Doc's beer selection being incredible, but the food. Man...

Just a few days ago I tasted some great beers and food at Cumberland.  Worth the little drive out of downtown.  They had a great selection of about a dozen beers or more.


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