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Louisville, Kentucky

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Thanks musseldoc!  Looking them up now.

--- Quote from: punatic on January 18, 2013, 09:49:37 PM ---You are in Louisville looking for beer?  That's like being in a gold mine looking for silver.  Really?!

--- End quote ---

Shame, I know.  I get hangovers from distilled spirits, so it's just a wee bit of tasting.

Siamese Moose:
I have been there a couple times. Some additions to your list: Rich O's ( and New Albanian (, just across the river in southern Indiana, and Apocalypse (, less than a year old opened by a couple of friends of mine who happen to be outstanding homebrewers.

Even if you're not into spirits, take a short drive south and take the tour at Jim Beam. It's well worth it.

I called Apocalypse; very very friendly.  They listed 3 other places that were "must visit" either coming or going from their place (I'll be on foot). Thanks for the tip! 

Feels kinda awkward to visit homebrewers without bringing a sample of my own. :)

hey Siamese Moose, thank you. 

I know a few homebrewers who are making the move to a full-time brewing; With Apocalypse they are making their own equipment, brewing and distributing at their own pace, on their own dime.  Uniquely DIY (solar?), very inspirational.  Happy customers, nice selection to boot.

The folks at Apocalypse are excellent people.  They are all 10+ year homebrew club members who started their own brewery.  Unfortunately, they still work real jobs and are only open on Fridays and Saturdays. 

The only place I know of to get your AHA discount is BJ's.  They have good food and beer, but are pretty for away from the main beer scene here.


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