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New Avery Release Tomorrow!


Anyone near Boulder, CO - Avery is releasing their 3rd installment in their barrel aged series.  Black-Tot will follow Brabant and Sui Generis.  It's going to be an Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in Gosling's Old Rum Barrels.  Weighing in at 10.08% ABV, I'll be laying some of those down for a while!

Any kind of distribution info? We got Brabant here in TX, but I never saw Sui Genesis. Brabant was excellent. Only grabbed two (price was ridiculous for a 12 oz) and am aging one.

They brewed a lot less of the Sui Generis than the Brabant.  There are just a tad over 300 cases and the e-mail I got says there will be some cases going to select states (CO, CA, TX, OH, MA, MO).

The prices are pretty insane, but if you figure all of the time that these bottles are eating up in their barrels, I can kind of start to justify it.  Plus, they have all been phenominal so far.

I don't have a problem paying the prices for Avery. I've yet to be dissapointed by any of their special releases. But I also can't buy as many as I'd like to lay down for a few years. Great to see TX on that distribution though. Time to start making phone calls.


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