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What's Brewing this week: weekend of Jan 15

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I'm brewing a helles with S-189 right now, and a group APA tomorrow (first full test of our 1 bbl system - hopefully post some picks next week.)

We're off for MLK day (but the wife is not  :P ), so brewing 12g of all Centennial IPA to celebrate batch 100 (even though its really batch #104  ::)).

Looking forward to it - am trying TF Halcyon for the first time in this one.  Been growing up some 1450 all week...

Started stepping up a slant of WY1084 to use in the Irish Red I'll be brewing Sunday.

i'm brewing that black ipa i started a thread about on sunday.....

forgot to smack my smack pack this morning to make my starter tonight, so i guess i'll smack it tonight and make the starter saturday morning.....

If you're making a starter you don't need to wait for the smack pack to swell.  Just smack it, shake it up, and pour it into the starter.


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