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Did you know that when a truck takes out a telephone pole, the wires vibrate over a pretty big distance?  I was a block or so away when this happened, walking underneath the wires.  I heard an odd noise, like a ping, and then the wires started flapping and clapping together.  I looked up and saw smoke coming from the top of one of the poles, and then ran across the street to get out from under them.  There was a couple more pings, I think it was some transformers blowing.  No wires came down though, and they had power restored in 3 hours.

Shortly after - the pole is hanging above the truck by the wires

About 90 minutes later:

Those Wire men have nuts o steel!

I keep thinking of cans being connected by a string...


--- Quote from: rabid_dingo on October 26, 2011, 06:37:45 AM ---Those Wire men have nuts o steel!

--- End quote ---

Linemen are a breed apart.  They regularly work out in weather that has many of us hiding underneath our beds.

Is that 2 trucks in the picture or a truck and pup (a pull behind dump trailer)?  I'm trying to envision the accident and can't make sense of what the driver was doing other than cutting that corner by 20 ft.  Anyhow, yeah telephone line (power line, steel cable, guitar strings, whatever) vibrations are cool.  As a kid I saw telephone lines as a potential stringed instrument for some giant creature - plucks telephone pole with left hand, pulling the strings to tension just in time for the right hand to come crashing down into a jam that would make __________ (insert favorite band, Black Sabbath, Deftones, etc) proud.


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