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Hello, with regards to extract brewing, do you all use lids on your brew kettle or keep them on only during certain times of the brewing?  Cheers,

no lids! Oh, except while it's cooling to keep stuff out of it. :D


Keeping the lid on while boiling is a bad idea.  Even with extract there is a risk of DMS (cooked corn and vegetable flavors and aromas), boiling drives this off, but with a lid on it'll go back in your beer.  In addition, if you keep the lid on you're much more likely to get boilovers.

I recall hearing that as long as you have 15-20% open space on the top of your kettle you'll be OK.  So, lid partially off at least.

I only lay mine on the keggle opening for the last 15 minutes to sanitize it and I still leave it open by about 40%.


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