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Anyone ever played Shulbok?  Ever since the Oskar blues Brewery moved to Longmont I have been hanging out there 1-2 times a week.  They have this game called Shulbok, that is one of the most addicting Pub games I have ever played.  It's almost like table-top shuffle board but you have to get your pucks into different compartments to score.

Here's the link:

I grew up with a pool table, which has always been my go-to bar game.  Of course I also love darts, but this is quickly becoming a favorite also!

I'm trying to figure out where to buy one, but apparently the company in the link above is not selling them yet....

Looks like we need to commission Wayne to make us one...

I think I've used up all of my Wayne favors on the jockey box! ;D

I'm not familiar with Shulbok, so I did my usual. . . I googled it.

You should try this, too, if you want to get one.

For instance, among the first hits were:

A Dutch company which makes "Sjoelbak", or maybe it's "Sjoelen".

Or maybe

$150. for a stowaway table, they say.

I have no room for one, so I'll let you explore further.

That's the best part about this game, it doesn't take up a lot of space.  It would easily store in a closet or under a sofa, then you just pull it out when you want to play and put it on a counter, table, or other raised surface.


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