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Leaving thermometer in carboy

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Is it a bad idea to leave a sanitized thermostat probe dangling down into my carboy while my beer ferments? I would like to just be able to turn it on and know what the fermentation temps are. I wonder if this will cause a seal problem with my blow off tube / airlock... Was wondering if anyone had thoughts on it.

I thought about doing it but have never done it.  I can't see how it would cause any problems as long as the probe was made for submersing in liquid.

Most probes that I know of have a weak spot for liquid at the juncture between the probe and wire.  Just a heads up.

Why not just use a Fermometer?  Cheap and accurate....

Those stick on thermometers are a lot less hassle and are accurate enough for brewing. I got 6 and they are all within 2 degrees f.

edit: Denny types faster than me :-\

haha wow fast guys. yeah im looking into buying some stick on ones, but was thinking of doing this until they get shipped. I dont really want to short out my thermometer, i just bought it!


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