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Iodine Test from WHERE?

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So, I'm waiting for my pilsner mash at 147 to convert.... keep testing from the top of the mash and keep getting black.  I'm pushing 2 hours and still showing starch... light bulb... I check from a bit of runoff from the valve and viola!  I show good.  I test again from the top and show black.

So... what's going on?

Have you been stirring the mash?

In you case I would have also checked that the well mixed wort collected in the kettle is iodine negative.



Yes, I stirred quite a bit. I hit gravity so I definitely converted and with the efficiency I was targetting.  I've not seen this happen before and still can't explain it.

That kind of result is why I gave up on that test many years ago.

Is stirring during the mash necessary for complete conversion?

I've never done the test but I only stir in the beginning and get 80-85% efficiency on 1.050ish beers batch sparging..


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