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whats on your playlist while you brew, i usually listen to the stones man i just feel like the beer loves the stones

I do music for a living, so when I brew I want something that doesn't remind me of work!  I tend to listen to NPR....Car Talk, Whaddya Know, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, This American Life, Prairie Home Companion....

my brewday usually has a "soundtrack"....  recently it's been phish one day, tool one day, the OM records 3cd comp that was released a couple or so years ago....

tomorrow it's going to be miles davis complete live at the plugged nickel....

Random playlists.
Slayer to Jaques Brel to Black Flag to Waylon Jennings to..
Keeps it interesting.

Last brew session, it was the Dead @ swing aud 77, Keller Williams and Frank Zappa.


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