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I don't know if it is my resolution on my computer but I can not read the links below the banner at the top of the page right below my user name (Recently, PM's, Unread, Replies). All I can see is the top 1/3 of the text and the color of the text blends in and is almost the same color as the border of the banner. Is it just me or does the HTML need a tweak?

It's you. Play with your resolution or try another browser. Been on it all day today and yesterday. Looks fine...

Or maybe you need a bigger flat screen monitor with built in HD tuner, surround sound, and built in Blue Ray player.


Your right, it is my browser. It looks off in Safari, I opened Firefox and it is formatted just fine.

Looks fine in Safari here, FWIW. (4.0.3 on 10.6.1)

I have the same version(s), still off format for me here. I just use Firefox and have no issues.


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