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I brewed a batch of Double IPA last night. I shook the vile of WLP001 like I always do and when I carefully opened it a drop or two of it spilled.

It has been 9.5 hours since I pitched and there are no signs of fermentation and once again my "yeast paranoia" has set in. Should I repitch a new vile or not worry about it just yet.

Spilling a drop or 2 won't hurt anything.  I'm guessing that your long lag is because you didn't make a least you didn't mention one.

It sounds like you might have under pitched your yeast. What was your original gravity? A double ipa is going to require a lot of healthy yeast. Probably 2-3 vials or a good starter. Did you aerate your wort?

No starter, very well aerated. I have used this yeast in batches with OG as high as 1.09 and was great with one vile.

Yeah, it's always OK until it isn't!  ;)  FWIW, I never use any liquid yeast without a starter.  My experience with hundreds of batches is that every beer I use a starter for ferments and tastes better.


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