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Chunky DT


Opened up a bottle of DT.  Poured the first glass, moved over to fill the rest and HUGE chunks of what I assume is yeast started pouring out.  Ugh.  There had to have been like a 1/2 inch cake in there. This may have been a good one for a yeast starter.

Yeah, I recall my 1st was effervescent which I found amazing and
the nucleus for the CO2 appeared to be yeast chunks....I think it is all good
BC that stuff is all in there anyhow...not ug...but mmmmmmgood.

It tastes fine but there is seriously a lot of chunks (as in not cloudhy, chunky) of yeast floating around which isn't appetizing.  I have the remaining glasses settling out in the fridge.

Guess I don't mind chewy beer... ;D

Some people eat their pizza with knife and fork, some drink their beer with a knife and
fork. ;)


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