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I would like to discuss Beer Filtration

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I am considering starting to filter my beer.  I have seen several
discussions on the correct and best way to accomplish this task.
IMO, the beer I make  may be worthy of filtration!
So, do I use a plate or a cannister style device?
After I decide on that, what size filter is best to be utilizing to
accomplish diamond brite beer AT AN AFFORDABLE level?

I am set up for Keg methods and with the additon of a few
fittings would be good to go on this,

I think I would like to filter at 1 micron absolute, and be able to
reuse, wash my filter media...can anyone point to a source and
style of filter for this?

Anyone here filter their beers??


--- Quote from: 1vertical on January 16, 2010, 06:34:56 PM ---Anyone here filter their beers??
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Years back, someone gave me a filtration system.  Used it twice, then gave it to someone else.  From my point of view, it was too much hassle for something I could achieve by simply letting the beer sit for a while longer.  What can I say, I'm lazy!  ;)  YMMV.

Brew Strong did a show about filtering that was pretty helpful for me.  Someday I would like to start filtering so that I can travel with kegs and not stir up all of the gunk from the bottom.

Like Denny, I filtered a couple times and found it was a pain in the butt that produced results that could be replicated by doing nothing for a couple weeks.

If you want to travel with kegs, let the beer sit in the fermenter/secondary until it is clear. If you can't wait, add gelatin a couple days before you keg. I usually do both and occasionally travel with my kegs and my beer is very clear.

Lately, I've been drinking beer out of stoneware steins and have been less concerned about the clarity of my beer.

I once tried to make filtering part of my process to get clear beer. The system I was using was a house water filter with a spun filter as filter media. Setting up the system was always a pain since I felt that I needed to purge it with deaerated water. In the end the beer was still hazy since the filter didn't take out all the chil haze. To get a filter media sharp enough to get a brilliant beer I would have needed to spend much more money. 

A plate filter was not an option since I need to filter after the beer is carbonated. 

Finally I noticed that I can also make clear beers w/o filtration or the use of finings. So it must be a brewing process or ingredient problem if I have hazy beers. My focus has since been on paying attention to what was different when I end up with a hazy beer. In addition to that I cut the dip tube in my secondary/lagering/cold conditioning kegs to leave behind a full pint. That eliminates sediment in the serving keg. 

For me filtering would only be worth the effort if I would have to filter a lot of beers and don't have as much cold conditioning time available as I have now.

I don't want to scare you away from giving it a try as it will be a worthwhile experience. But be wary of any subtantial financial investments you make for this unless you know it will work for you in the long run. 



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