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So I am in love with Reinart! Amazing beer.
I am thinking of brewing someting close. I could use a bit of help figuring out a recipie.
Any ideas out there?

I have some experience with sour beers, mostly the kind you plan on. The key for me was to do as much reading an internet research as I could prior to starting. The second thing would be patience. A sour ale of any kind needs about 12 months minimum to develop. The critters that do the work need to see the seasons to do the job right. My first sour ale was made with a traditional turbid mash, primary fermentation on clean yeast and then a lambic blend pitch. It took its time but the final product was well worth the wait. I have also found that I do not need to use 2 separate sets of equipment for sours. immediate rinsing, cleaning and sanitizing works well to prevent cross contamination. If you don't want to do a traditional turbid mash you can add some whole wheat flour to the wort after mashing to add some starchy leftovers for the souring agents to work on. Good luck.

Yeah, I gotta couple of Flemmish reds that are 14 months old.
I never made a blond sour.
Im thinking pils, Vienna, Saaz. Pretty basic, but hard to f up a beer like that.

I have a sour saison that has come ready recently.
I soured it with a bottle of Orval and a bottle of my
homemade flemish red (wyeast roselare). That Orval
is pretty fast to sour and I am drinking this at about
4 months from when I added the bugs.

i'd love to make something similar to orval.  also would like to make somethink like duchesse....


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