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16th Annual Music City Brew Off with Gordon Strong
« on: August 12, 2011, 07:30:20 pm »

Announcing the 16th Annual Music City Brew Off
November 4th and 5th, 2011

To all homebrewers, judges, stewards, and beer enthusiasts, I personally invite you to the 16th Annual Music City Brew Off.  We are continuing our efforts to make our competition the finest in the South East.  Our competition this year will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Goodlettsville, TN (865 Conference Drive, 37072).  Room rates for Attendees are $82/night (2 Queen room or King) or $99 for a Suite.  Please use the link on our website: or call the hotel:  615-851-3000.  This year’s special guest will be Gordon Strong, author of ‘Brewing Better Beer’, Accomplished Homebrewer, and President of the BJCP.

This year we will be kicking off our festivities with a dinner followed by presentation by Gordon  (Brewing Better Beer and brewing for competitions). Menu TBA.

On Friday afternoon we will have a judging session starting at 3 pm.  This will last for 3 hours. Dinner and presentation to follow starting at 7 pm.  Saturday morning our BJCP/AHA Sanctioned Competition will continue. We will have a Judge and Steward orientation beginning at 8:30.  Judging will start at 9:00 and end at noon.  Lunch will be provided for all judges and stewards courtesy of the Music City Brewers.  Judges  and stewards will be receiving a special gift from the MCB in appreciation of their participation.  Following the judging will be the BOS round starting at 2:00 and running till 4:00.  The Awards Ceremony and Raffle will begin at 5:00 and run until 7:00. 

All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from beer categories 1-23 will receive a medal and a gift certificate from Rebel Brewer ($15, $10, and $5 respectively). Best of Show will also receive a medal and a gift certificate of $150 from Rebel Brewer.  2nd and 3rd Best of Show will also receive medals and gift certificates ($75 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd).  Best of Meads and Ciders will receive medals as well along with gift certificates from Rebel Brewer (1st- $30, 2nd- $15, 3rd- $10). 
The winner of the Hop God Challenge will receive a $250 certificate from Rebel Brewer. Please contact Tom Vista directly for entering the Hopgod Challenge *** Do not register your HopGod Entries in the program****  These Entries are $10/entry and you must enter 3 bottles.  Please print off the standard labels from for these entries.

Also ‘The Ed Tate Club Award’ will be given to one of the participating clubs with a minimum of 10 entries.  The Ed Tate Award represents a quality award based on 10 categories of involvement.  The winning club will receive an engraved plaque and will also be engraved on a permanent plaque held by the Music City Brewers.
 Following the awards will be our 2nd annual “Club Crawl”.  This is basically the same as NHC club night. We will have the ballroom set up with tables and jockey boxes where regional clubs can bring their beers to showcase.  This was a blast last year, so hopefully the fun will continue.  If you or your club would like to have a table, please contact me to make arrangements. Dinner on Saturday night will be on your own.  There is a Bistro in the hotel and several restaurants that are very close.

Interested in Judging/Stewarding please contact Jonathan Adams at

For details regarding the HopGod Challege, please contact Tom Vistsa
Tom Vista:

Interested in having a table at the “Club Crawl” please contact Jonathan Adams at

Hotel Reservations can be made by going to our website and following the link for reservations.

Dinner Reservations:  Details to follow.  Keep an eye on the website

Entry and Judge/Steward Registration is up and running now.
Rules, Regulations and all timelines can be found at
Entry registration will close on October 14th . We are accepting entries starting on October 14th.  All entries must be at Rebel Brewer by 5 pm on October 21st (No exceptions).   
Please ship all entries to: MCBO
                                    C/O: Rebel Brewer Homebrew Supply
                                    105 Space Park North
                                    Goodlettsville, TN 37072
                    Store Hours for drop off:   

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the 16th Annual Music City Brew Off. 
Jonathan Adams, Competition Director
Phone:  615-504-7673 Email:

Hope to see you all there <---My Sour Beer Website

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Re: 16th Annual Music City Brew Off with Gordon Strong
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2011, 01:14:15 pm »
Don't miss out! Entry registration will close on October 14th <---My Sour Beer Website

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Re: 16th Annual Music City Brew Off with Gordon Strong
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2011, 08:28:11 pm »
Thanks again to Gordon Strong for being our guest this past weekend. It was an awesome talk you gave on "Brewing Better Beer" and competition brewing! I was excited to get paired up with you to judge the Schwarzbiers

The complete list of 2011 MCBO Winners should be posted shortly.

Here are the Best of Show results as judged by BJCP President Gordon Strong, BJCP South Rep Phil Farrell, and BJCP judge Steve Scoville.

Marc Powell 1st Place: Insanity Pils: German Pils
Danny Sawyer 2nd Place: Birds On the Bat: Cream Ale
Josh Rachel 3rd Place: Fight of the Falcon: American Pale Ale
Brandon Jones 4th place Honorable Mention: Hello, My Name is Flanders: Flanders Red

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Re: 16th Annual Music City Brew Off with Gordon Strong
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2011, 09:05:58 pm »
I'm reading his book right now, dang good read.
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Re: 16th Annual Music City Brew Off with Gordon Strong
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 03:18:22 am »
Best Of Show:
Marc Powell 1st Place: Insanity Pils: German Pils
Danny Sawyer 2nd Place: Birds On the Bat: Cream Ale
Josh Rachel 3rd Place: Fight of the Falcon: American Pale Ale
Brandon Jones 4th place Honorable Mention: Hello, My Name is Flanders: Flanders Red

2011 winners list

Category   Place   Winner Name   Club Affiliation   Beer Name

Light Lager and Pilsner   
1st   Marc Powell   Brewmasters of Alpharetta   Insanity Pils (German Pils)
2nd   Gil Cupp   Music City Brewers   Viva La Bohem (Bo Pils)
3rd   Nishan Derbabian   Mid State Brew Crew   Pre Pro Pils

Amber Lagers   
1st   Erik Hofmeister   Alez   Octoberfest
2nd   David Arndt    Octoberfest
3rd   Chris Shafer   Basin Brewers   Octoberfest

Dark Lagers and Bocks
1st   Chris Shafer   Basin Brewers   Schwarzbier
2nd   Tony Giannasi   Barley Mob   Doppelbock
3rd   Tony Giannasi   Barley Mob   Bock

Light Hybrid   
1st   Danny Sawyer   MCB   Birds on the bat cream ale
2nd   Josh Rachel   Brewmasters of Alpharetta   Krunk Kolsch
3rd   Gil Cupp   MCB   Endless Summer Kolsch

Amber Hybrid   
1st   Bunker Bunch   MCB`   I cant believe its not butter
2nd   Dave Dixon   BOCK   Dreaded California Common
3rd   Phil Snyder   MCB   Steamworks

English Pale Ales   
1st   Dale Overdorf   MCB   ESB
2nd   Tyler Crowell   MCB   Best Bitter
3rd   Joe McCusker   Covert Hops   Lazy Iguana Full on Bitters

Scottish and Irish Ales   
1st   Tony Gianassi   Barley Mob   80 Shizz (9C)
2nd   Joe Phillips   St. Louis Brews   Wild Willy's Wee Heavy
3rd   Michael Johnson   Rocket City Brewers   Northern Sunset Red Ale

American Ales   
1st   Josh Rachel   brewmasters of Alpharetta   Flight of the falcon (American Pale)
2nd   Josh Rachel   brewmasters of Alpharetta   Brown Wednesday
3rd   Brett Donnals   Bluff City Brewers   American Pale 208

English Brown Ales   
1st   Daniel Howell   Covert Hops   Mild
2nd   Jeff Kinzer   Bluff City Brewers   Northern English Brown
3rd   Tony Gianassi   Barley Mob   Northern English Brown

1st Scott Beavers   Mid State Brew Crew   Thin Man Porter (12B)
2nd   Chris Arnt   Barley Mob   B2 (12A)
3rd   Phil Snyder   Music City Brewers   One's Enough (12C)

1st   Josanna Dixon   BOCK   Bonehead brewing RIS
2nd   Stephen Ott   St. Louis Brews   RIS
3rd   David Brown   MCB   Belgian Stout

India Pale Ales   
1st Josh Rachel   Brewmasters of Alpharetta   Flight of the falcon (American Pale)
2nd   Jeremy Taylor   Mid State Brew Crew   Kama Citra
3rd   Nishan Derbabian   Mid State Brew Crew   Old Glory

German Wheat and Rye   
1st   Chris Arnt   Barley Mob   Arnt Brau Wheat 15A
2nd   Chris Shafer   Basin Brewers   Dunkelweizen
3rd   Tina Harkonen   UKG   Hefe 1

Belgian and French Ales   
1st   Mark Forrester   MCB   Orval Clone
2nd   Clint Paden   Covert Hops   Undercover Professionelle
3rd   Mark Forrester   MCB`   Teds Homegrown Wit

Sour Ales   
1st   Brandon Jones Music City Brewers   Hello...My Name Is Flanders
2nd   Bunker Bunch/Brandon Jones   Music City Brewers   F##k your dumb wheat beer
3rd   Tom Gentry   Music City Brewers   Rebel Sour Vice

Belgian Strong Ales   
1st   Paul Vaughn   Mid State Brew Crew   Red Cap (18E)
2nd   Marc Powell   Brewmasters of Alpharetta   Stand Up Tripel
3rd   Mike Semich   Mid State Brew Crew   Quadratic

Strong Ales   
1st   Dave Dixon   BOCK   Dreaded Old Ale
2nd   Tony Giannasi   Barley Mob   American Barleywine
3rd   Dave Dixon   BOCK   Dreaded Barleywine

Fruit Beers
1st   Josanna Dixon   BOCK   April Showers apricot wheat
2nd   Alan Brune    john's creek blueberry ale
3rd   Brandon Jones Music City Brewers`Purple 'Drank' Yo

Spice herb and Vegetable Beers   
1st   Jody Kane   Bluff City Brewers   Rosemary Queen (Rosemary Pale Ale)
2nd   Brent Boden    Happy Jack's Pumpkin Ale
3rd   Marc Powell   Brewmasters of Alpharetta   Vanilla Aged Lord of Darkness

Smoked and Wood aged Beers   
1st   Brandon Jones MCB   - Oaked up 'lil nugget with Brett L
2nd   Clint Paden   Covert Hops   Mr Ed (Oaked American Brown
3rd   Phil Vacca    Peat Smoked Porter

Specialty Beers   
1st   Ben Pugh   Bluff City Brewers   Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Beer
2nd   Ed Wildermuth   MCB   Pumpkin Ale
3rd   Peter Zhou   Bluff City Brewers   Purple Rain

1st   Andrew McMichael    Class of 09 Mead
2nd   DJ Druzisky   Insert Name Here Brew Club   DFB Ancient Orange Mead
3rd   Michael Johnson   Rocket City Brewers   Oh The gall! Gallberry Honey Mead

1st   Phil Snyder   MCB   Tn sparkling cider
2nd   Phil Kane   Bluff City Brewers   Dickens Cider
3rd   Jody Kane   Bluff City Brewers   Queen's Cider <---My Sour Beer Website