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2-row, vienna, c40, 1968 and a bunch of hops........OK?


I don't see too many IPA's with Vienna and am wondering if I went overboard, or even if this mix seems reasonable.

7.5# GW 2-row
6.5# GW Vienna
1.0# Crystal 40L
1oz Nugget at 60min
Some Chinook & Willamette near flameout.
Lots of feral hops throughout.
Wyeast 1968
1.067 OG
~68 IBU

if you want a killer vienna ipa, here you go (3/4 down the page

I like the looks of your recipe.  I assume you're adding the 'feral hops' as flavor hops?

Should be good!

FWIW, someone in the local club makes a 100% Vienna IPA and it's pretty great.

I've never used 1968, but yours looks like a pretty good recipe to me.

Thanks blatz. I tried to find a simple IPA with Vienna and saw yours on NB but I was afraid to use that much. I am also trying to learn what each grain contributes so I want to keep it simple for now......though yours does look pretty simple.
I have guessed the AA of the feral hops to be 5% and they are calculated to contribute ~28 IBU. I don't mind exceeding recommended IBU's so I am adding 2oz at 30min, 5min and 1min and maybe some for dry hopping. They were moderately bitter in a tea but seem to contribute less bitterness in the beer. Hopefully I haven't overestimated the AA of the ferals.
So then, if nothing needs to be fixed, there will be beer.


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