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Help me finish off my Kolsch

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Starting OG 1.049.  Wyeast Kolsch yeast.

Pitched at 52F and fermented the same for 5 days.
Fermenting at 55F for the last couple of days.
SG is now 1.017 and there is still a quarter inch of Krausen.

I tasted the hydro sample and I couldn't find diacetly but it may be to sweet for me to tell.
Should I let it go in the mid 50's or warm it up into the 60's?

Also, should I let it completely finish before cold conditioning or leave a couple points before dropping the temp?


You are fermenting that thing way too cold. This is an ale, not a lager. I pitch mine around 56-58 and ferment around 60-62. Go ahead and warm up into the low 60s Definitely don't lager until fermentation is 100% complete.

Yeah, I'm switching over to lager yeast during the winter.  I guess I didn't remember how cold my basement gets from last year.

I think I posted about cold fermenting ales before. Other than taking longer and maybe not being as fruity, what are the negative effects?

Also, the low end of the range for that yeast is 56F according to WYeast which isn't too far off from where I was at.

That's definitely not my favorite yeast for the style, but its real sluggish below 58F. I'd recommend fermenting warmer & lagering vs. forcing a slow, cold ferment. Just my 2-cents!  ;)


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