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I tasted the hydro sample of an Alt I bottled today.  This is the first time I've used Munich (and Spalter for that matter).

4lbs Munich
3lbs Pils
2lbs Dark Munich
1lbs Caramunich

1oz Perle at 60min
1oz Perle at 45min
1oz Spalter 1min

WY1007 fermented in mid-upper 50's.

My question: Does Munich malt have a certain spiciness too it?  Perhaps its coming from the Spalter but it seems like the flavor could be coming from the malt.  There wasn't really any hop aroma.  I'll have to make a Pils with Spalter to get a sense of it.


--- Quote from: ndcube on January 17, 2010, 06:04:53 PM ---Does Munich malt have a certain spiciness too it? 

--- End quote ---

sounds like the spalter - I go through 2-4bags of Munich a year, and I've never tasted what I would describe as spicy attributable to the malt - when I use Tettnang hops late, definitely, but not in dunkel, bock, oktoberfest, where I don't use late hops.  YMMV.

I guess I'm probably just used to American hops late.  I'll have to wait and see how it tastes when it's done carbing up.

Munich malt has more bready, malty taste.
Generally you have Light Munich 6-8L and Dark Munich 8-15L even 20L.
Each one will have different taste

I have made Munich based beers where the young beer taste reminded me of hot sauce or buffalo wings. Not many brewers believed me when I posted this. But your spiciness can also come from the hops.



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