Author Topic: "BeerBug" Wireless Specific Gravity - applicability?  (Read 13409 times)

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Re: "BeerBug" Wireless Specific Gravity - applicability?
« Reply #30 on: November 19, 2011, 08:56:16 am »
It's of course pricey for many homebrewers but I'm certain there are some that would love it. I'd be more in the market if it connected to a smartphone/laptop over bluetooth (or similar).

I've seen graphs at craft breweries indicating that they are taking daily gravity readings. I'm not sure they'd want a floating version though (They'd have to find it after every batch). Perhaps a version mounted to the fermentor wall, it could also be hardwired (no battery replacement). It would need to be food grade and be able to endure clean-in-place chemicals.

This too has some promise.  Incorporating a hardwired or close-linked wireless connection with a SG/temperature probe would be great.  Incorporating typical thermostatic control capability like my Johnson A419 digital thermostat into the unit would be even better.  Having the temperature and SG display on my fermentor exterior would be welcome.  Having the ability to control the fermenter chamber cooling and/or heating would be even better.

A durable, sanitizable SG probe would be something I will buy.

I'd love to see that too.  Just something simple that has an analog output giving the SG.  Give the user the option to roll their own monitoring system.  Extra points for being mounted in a tri clamp, but something with 1/2" NPT threads would be ok.

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Re: "BeerBug" Wireless Specific Gravity - applicability?
« Reply #31 on: November 22, 2011, 01:12:54 pm »
Great feedback - thank you! 

To answer some of the previous inquiries, the diameter of the initial unit is a bit thick at 1.25", so it won't fit across the board in all carboys.  We're doing a slimming design to address that issue where it should fit inside just about every vessel.   

We're also doing a giveaway of a couple of our first models to a lucky few - if you are interested, we have a short, multiple-choice survey that auto-enters you into the "sweepstakes":

It's been listed on @thebeerbug's Twitter feed (also some new pics there of the device inside an active fermentation), but of course not everyone uses or enjoys using Twitter for updates...

You all have truly provided some great info above and beyond what the survey results will show.  Pricing vs. features is always a major consideration...there are some interesting things we may be able to do here re: temperature control and re:  cost based in large part on the info you have kindly shared.