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Original Gravity Problems

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OK...So I can't figure out what's going wrong. I have about 70% efficiency into the boiler consistently. Really no problems there, but today got 56% efficiency after the boil. My efficiency is not always that bad, but never what I would expect. I have been using a straining bag for the hops lately that I am wondering about, but other then that I really can't figure out what the problem could be. Thoughts?

pH issue would be my bet.

You did not say what you brew (SRM) and what is your RA. Any water adjustments?
WHat do you normally brew?

Another thing. Did you change your base grain let say from 2-row to Munich?

So you're at 70% going into the kettle, but 56% in the fermenter? That would be right on if you were leaving 20% of the wort in the boil kettle, which seems unlikely.

Only leaving about a half gallon in the kettle. With regards to PH, I use the 5.2 treatment in the mash so I'm not sure that is the problem. With regards to the grain, it was just a standard mix of 2 row, crystal and wheat malts. Could I still have PH issues even after using the 5.2? Again, the gravity into the boiler was good.

When you calculated the efficiency into the kettle, did you correct the volume for temperature?

Leaving behind .5 gal when collecting 5 gal in the fermeter is a loss of about 10%. I.e. you should get about 90% of your “efficiency in the kettle” into the fermenter.



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