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Innis & Gunn Original - Pretty good, but


..but kind of overpriced in my area(FL). 

I ended up getting the gift set which had the following beers: Original, Rum Cask, and  Winter Beer 2011.  I've only tried the Original so far.

The Original was a very charming beer.  It it had nice vanilla and caramel flavor, finished off with some fruity notes.
Has anybody here tried this?

just tried the original and the rum cask.
the original comes through with a nice malt back bone. hints of vanilla.  nice orange- light copper color.  the rum cask is darker.  the rum flavor i think is overpowering.  odd considering i used to make a drink that was part rum part beer.  neither beer had much head to it.  my wife liked the rum flavor a bit more.  i would consider buying the original more

Nice to see it comes in a dark box. I've always been curious to try their beers, but the clear bottles make it a no-go for me.

mine were not in the box, but i kept them in a case with some other beers.  don't know about prior to me getting them as a gift. i didn't notice any funkatitis flavors


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