National Homebrew Competition 2019: What’s New

National Homebrew Competition 2019: What’s New

Hi, everyone!

The AHA Competition Subcommittee discusses changes for the National Homebrew Competition each year after the Final Round concludes. The major highlights for 2019 will be:

  1. Introducing a 13th First Round Judge Center in the New England area,
  2. Breaking out the Wood-Aged & Smoked-Flavored beers into their own tables, making 34 tables total, and
  3. Changing the entry fee to $16.

Rules & Regulations will be available November 5 and will be continuously updated, including First Round Judge Center information and shipping information as it comes in. Make sure you read them! Most questions can be answered in the Rules & Regulations before emailing or contacting your local first round organizer.

If you’d like your homebrew club to be eligible for the competition with the correct information, make sure it is registered or updated with the AHA by December 31, 2018.

Important dates have been posted on the competition’s homepage and in the Dates & Deadlines page. Updates will be provided as soon as they’re received. Thank you for your patience!


John Moorhead

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American Homebrewers Association competition coordinator John Moorhead is director of the National Homebrew Competition, coordinates the Great American Beer Festival® Pro-Am Competition and the Capitol Hill Staff Homebrew Competition, assists with homebrew legislative efforts, and writes for

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