National Homebrew Competition Status Explanations

National Homebrew Competition Status Explanations

by John Moorhead, NHC Competition Director

On the homepage of the National Homebrew Competition website, we provide status updates for all the First Round judging locations. Below are explanations of what each status means.

We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through the process of posting results for each site!

  • TBD: This is a placeholder as judging locations are being confirmed and/or waiting to receive entries.
  • Entries Checked-in: All beer entries have been checked in and are being sorted in preparation for the upcoming judging session.
  • Judging Entries: Entries are currently in the process of being judged. While all First Round judging locations are scheduled to be completed within the scheduled times, it is not uncommon for judging to go beyond the scheduled finish date.
  • Verifying Results: This status includes a few steps. First, the site organizers go through all the results and double check that scores were recorded accurately. Then, they scan in all scoresheets and flight sheets to be sent to the NHC Director. This process cannot be done until all judging is completed, and it is not guaranteed to be completed by the competition’s scheduled date of completion. Once the NHC Director receives the scanned scoresheets and flight sheets, all results in the database are scrutinized for accuracy prior to being posted to
  • Results Posted: The results for a judging location are now publicly available on the National Homebrew Competition Winners page.

What’s taking so long?!

We know it can be tough to wait for NHC results to be posted. We strive to get verified results posted as soon as possible!

Typically delays are a result of a competition location not completing judging in the scheduled weekend, which can happen from time to time. This requires the location organizers/volunteers to get judges together on a future date to finish up the judging process. Once this is done, the process of verifying the results can be started which culminates with the results being posted online.

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