Post First Round Judging & Final Round

Post First Round Judging & Final Round

If your National Homebrew Competition entries are advancing to the Final Round, a big congratulations is in order to you. There were over 8,600 entries in the 2017 competition, so your entry (or entries) moving on to the Final Round is a big deal!

Now on to the information entrants need to know to get their entries to the Final Round in Minneapolis:

  • The Final Round shipping window is May 17 – June 1. The shipping location is the Northern Brewer Warehouse, which will be on your bottle labels and in the Final Round database by May 5th. Make sure to put Attn: NHC Final Round on your package and request a tracking number. Specific instructions on shipping will be in the Post-Competition Package in your Brewer Profile.
  • You must provide the recipe for each advancing entry
  • You cannot edit the entry advancing to the Final Round (i.e. category, special ingredients, strength, etc.). An advancing entry is supposed to be the same as it was in the First Round, whether rebrewed or not.
  • Send in three (3) bottles of each entry that is advancing to the Final Round. One is used for scoresheet judging, one for the mini-BOS and one for the Best Of Show (BOS) if it places 1st in the respected category. If you don’t send three bottles, you will not be eligible for the BOS.

You will find a First Round Post-Competition Package in your Brewer Profile by May 5th along with a letter and any certificates you may have received for your entries. For those who placed in the First Round, you will receive ribbons in the mail by mid-May.

For more information on the First Round or Final Round, check out the Dates & Deadlines, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Rules & Regulations.

Finally, thank you to all you AHA members who participated in the 2017 National Homebrew Competition this year and a big round of applause to all the First Round organizers, judges, and stewards for helping us get through over 8,600 entries! You all are invaluable to this competition and the homebrewing competition circuit nation wide.


John Moorhead

National Homebrew Competition Director

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Homebrewers Association