American Homebrewers Association Rolls Out Homebrew Club Insurance Program

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AHA delivers robust, affordable homebrew club insurance

Good news! The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is pleased to announce that affordable, turnkey, broad-coverage insurance is available to homebrew clubs across the country. That’s right—after more than a decade of investigating options for a nationwide insurance plan for homebrew clubs, the AHA has finally found an insurance product that is a good fit. (Yes, the process was as daunting as it sounds.)

Why Homebrew Club Insurance?

Homebrew club members know the fun and the value of being in a club—and the degree of risk that is involved when a group of people gathers to share alcoholic beverages. That risk involves both the venue hosting the club meeting or event and the risk to the club itself if an accident were to occur following a homebrew club gathering.

The Offering

To address this exposure, some homebrew clubs have purchased insurance themselves—often at steep cost, as insurance for individual clubs can be expensive. This new option provides participating clubs with general liability insurance ($1 million/occurrence; $3 million aggregate) and liquor liability insurance ($1 million/occurrence; $3 million aggregate) that collectively covers both club meetings and club-sponsored events for up to 1,000 attendees—all at a cost to the club of just $3.50 per club member.

The AHA has elected to not take any marketing fees or commissions from this program; this ensures our membership enjoys the absolute lowest premiums possible. Your association is proud to facilitate this offering for the greater good of our homebrewing community.

The AHA has partnered with West’s Insurance Agency to bring this program to fruition. The insurance is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company (GAIC), which has an A+ AM Best rating, the highest level rating of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing obligations.

How to Enroll

Clubs may sign up during the initial enrollment period ending September 1, 2014. Quarterly enrollment periods will follow with pro-rated annual premiums.

To learn more and/or to enroll, clubs should visit the West’s Insurance website. Any of your insurance-related questions can be addressed by West’s Insurance.

We are truly excited to offer this affordable insurance option to clubs nationwide.

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