Gone Pro: Local Homebrew Club QUAFF Spurs SD’s Success

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June 2017 cover photo for West Coaster magazine

“I see QUAFF as one of, if not the best homebrew clubs in the country. Pair that with what I and many others consider the premier craft beer city in the world and you get an unmatched symbiotic relationship. QUAFF greatly helped and nurtured the quality and knowledge of our homebrewing endeavors and in return, all of us (pro brewers) openly return the favor to help current QUAFFers.”  -Doug Constantiner, co-founder of Societe Brewing Company in West Coaster magazine Vol. 6, Issue 6

What do Societe, AleSmith, Rip Current, Karl Strauss, North Park, Council, and many more renowned Southern California breweries have in common? Read more about the impact of the QUality Ale Fermentation Fraternity (QUAFF) on the San Diego craft beer industry in the June 2017 issue of West Coaster.