How To Cheers in Different Languages

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The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has members all across the globe, with five of the six continents (all but Antarctica) represented by the membership. There are bustling homebrewing and beer scenes in every corner of the world and if you find yourself immersed in a new culture with some new drinking buddies, here’s a list of toasts to get you in with the locals.

The following list is based on the countries with the most AHA membership representation at the time of publishing. Check out our sources below for even more translations.

If you know of other ways to cheers in other languages, share them in the comments below!

Country Common Toast
Argentina Salud!
Australia Cheers (, Mate)!
Belgium Santé! or Prosit!
Brazil Saúde!
Canada Cheers!
Denmark Skål!
France A Votre Sante!
Germany Prost!
Ireland Sláinte!
Italy Salute! or Cin-Cin!
Japan Kampai!
Mexico Salud!
Netherlands Proost! or Gezondheid!
New Zealand Cheers!
Norway Skål!
Puerto Rico Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo
Scotland Sláinte! or Here’s tae us!
South Africa Gesondheid!
Spain Salud!
Sweden Skaal!
Switzerland Proscht!

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