Ken Schramm Receives AHA Governing Committee Recognition Award

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Ken Schramm

Each year, your American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Governing Committee selects a recipient for the annual AHA Governing Committee Recognition Award. First issued in 1988 to Fred Eckhardt, the award honors outstanding service to the community of homebrewers.

It was with great excitement that the 2014 AHA Governing Committee Recognition Award was given to Michigan’s own Ken Schramm.

Governing Committee member and close friend, Chris Frey, surprised Schramm with the award during the Grand Banquet at the National Homebrewers conference in Grand Rapids. After recieving the award, the surprised Schramm jokingly said, “Well, now I know why my daughter asked if I was going to change before the dinner.”

We spoke with Frey after the awards about Schramm’s contributions to our community:

“For those who have met Ken, you know and appreciate his generosity, intelligence, kindness and sincerity. These traits personify the key attributes that we share as dear within the craft and homebrewing world, as well as the greater world around us. Ken has done so much to shed light on our understanding of mead. Ken is fond of quoting his mentor, Bill Pfeiffer who was fond of saying ‘Man, I love this hobby!'”

Cheers to Ken!

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