Update: 2012 National Homebrew Competition Gambrinus Club Award Winner

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) announces a correction to the winners’ information for the 2012 National Homebrew Competition‘s (NHC) Gambrinus Club Award. Unfortunately, an error was made in determining the appropriate recipient of this award, and the AHA regrets this mistake. The official winner of the 2012 Gambrinus Club Award is Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.

Due to a database error, Brewers United for Real Potables (BURP) was mistakenly announced as the winner of the Gambrinus Club Award during the National Homebrew Competition awards ceremony.

Specifically, while BURP did have the most points earned in the Final Round of the competition per the total number of NHC entries from club members that entered, BURP did not meet the award requirement of having more than one entrant from the club advance to the Final Round of the Competition as well as the requirement that the winning club have at least five entrants in the First Round of the competition (BURP had 4). The club that earned the most points per total NHC entries from club members that met all of the criteria for winning the award was the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club.

The AHA regrets this error and has already identified its source, as well as put in place additional measures to ensure this mistake does not recur in future competitions.

The AHA congratulates the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club on winning the Gambrinus Club Award, and recognizes the impressive achievement of Brewers United for Real Potables in earning the most points in the National Homebrew Competition per total NHC entries from club members.

The 2012 Gambrinus Club Award was generously sponsored by MoreBeer!.

Gambrinus Club Award Description

This award goes to the club garnering the most Final Round points per total club entries (Final Round points / # of NHC entries from club). To be eligible, clubs must have a minimum of 5 club members entering the First Round, and a minimum of 2 club members advancing to and at least one entry placing in the Final Round of the competition. Six points are awarded for a first place, four points for a second place and two points for a third place.