Waxing Homebrew for Gifts

Waxing your beer or mead can provide a beautiful touch to the finished package and helps age styles that do well after sitting, forgotten, in your barchives or cellar. If you’re planning to give beer or mead to your loved ones as gifts this Holiday season, a snazzy red topping of wax goes a long way in the presentation.

While waxing is not necessary if your bottles are packaged properly, it can help protect the beer or mead from possible oxidation. Waxing is just one more step to help ensure your brew tastes as good as it can. Just think how rich and full bodied an aged barleywine, old ale, or strong Belgian can become after years and years of collecting dust. Sometimes, the longer they age, the better they are.

To wax your homebrew, you’ll first need to purchase wax. Check with your local homebrew supply store, they’re likely to carry FDA approved wax beads in a variety of colors. Simply melt the wax in an opened soup can or old pan you won’t use again, except for waxing. Once the wax is fully melted, dip the top of the bottle into the hot wax. You might want to set the bottle on some wax paper to cool, should the wax drip down the side. If you find the wax layer isn’t thick enough, wait until cool and dip the bottle again. To take the presentation one step further, simply add a charm of your choosing to the wax while it’s still warm. It will bond to the wax as a permanent fixture on the bottle.

Now you have a beautiful beer or mead that’s worthy of sitting on the shelf or wrapped up for a friend. Waxing is simple and adds just the touch of flare a fine beverage deserves.

Happy Holidays!