Avocado Saison

This beer recipe is featured in the article “Ferment on This: Amigo the Devil” by Kristen Kuchar in the July/August 2019 issue of Zymurgy magazine.

Danny Kiranos, aka Amigo the Devil, is a brewer by day and musician by night. From the Zymurgy magazine article:

Many of his homebrew creations, like the tobacco beer, are inspired by food and his culinary background. One of his all-time favorite homebrewers has been his Avacado Saison. “I was really worried about the oil content, and I thought it would completely mess with the residuals,” he says. He opted to cube the avocado, which was not too ripe and still pretty solid, smashing it ever so slightly. “I figured that way the fat content wouldn’t be so heavy,” he explains. “It just ferments out, and it dries out the beer a lot,” he says. The result is an earthy, dry saison he loves.

Read the full article on Zymurgy Online.

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