Bartlett Perry

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Edward Walkowski of N. Abington Twp., PA won a gold medal in Category #27: Standard Cider and Perry during the 2014 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in Grand Rapids, MI. Walkowski’s Standard Cider and Perry was chosen as the best among 110 final round entries in the category and helped earn the 2014 NHC Cidermaker of the Year title.

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Bartlett Perry | Common Perry


  • For 10 Gallons (37.85 L)
    1. Source 10 gallons of fresh pear cider. “I sulfited to 50 ppm SO2 and adjusted the acidity to 6 g/liter with malic acid. This year I fermented with Lalvin DV-10, a Champagne-type yeast. I have used 11-22B and Ba-11 in the past with good results. I used Fermax split into two additions, and fermented at 60° F. Following fermentation to dryness, I added sorbate, backsweetened with cane sugar to taste, fined with Super-Kleer KC, and filtered. This perry was keg-carbonated at 2.8 vol. CO2.”
    2. Forced CO2 to carbonate (2.8 vol).


    • Original Gravity: 1.048
    • Final Gravity: 1.002
    • ABV: 5.30%
    • SRM: 3


    • 10.0 gal (37.85 L) fresh Bartlett pear cider sulfited to 50 ppm SO2
    • Malic acid to adjust acidity to 6g/liter
    • 10 g Lalvin DV-10 yeast (properly hydrated)
    • Fermax, added in two additions, per product instructions
    • Super-Kleer to fine, then filtered bright