Boscos Famous Flaming Stone

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Recipe by Chuck Spypeck.

Some readers may recognize Chuck Skypeck as the technical brewing projects manager for the Brewers Association, the AHA’s parent organization. But once upon a time, Chuck served as co-owner and brewmaster at Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co. in Memphis and Nashville, Tenn., and Little Rock, Ark.

According to Boscos’ website, it was “the first North American brewery regularly making a stone beer, the original being Rauchenfels in Neustadt, Germany. Boscos began brewing Famous Flaming Stone Beer in 1993.”

Of the hot-stone process, Chuck says, “The flavors created, while unique, are subtle. For this reason, all my steinbier formulas minimized extemporaneous and competing flavors. What really worked well was somewhat of a helles recipe.”

Chuck adds, “This formula produced a very drinkable beer that carried the unique caramel flavor created by the stones. It was our number-one-selling beer in all our pubs. We typically sold about 7 barrels a week, week in and week out, all year round.”

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