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Free State Brewing Co. Garden Party Lager

This light and fresh Garden Party Lager from Free State Brewing in Lawrence, Kan. features three unique ingredients: English cucumber, Genovese basil, and juniper berry.

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Free State Brewing Co. Garden Party Lager | Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer


  • For 5 gallons
    • 6 lb Weyermann Pilsner malt
    • 9 oz Weyermann CaraHell malt
    • 3.5 oz Weyermann Acidulated malt
    • 0.2 oz Mosaic hops, 12.25% a.a. (FWH)
    • 0.75 oz Citra hops (dry)
    • 0.75 oz Simcoe hops (dry)
    • Augstiner Lager yeast
    • 60 g English cucumber
    • 15 g Genovese basil
    • 3 g Juniper berry


    • Original Gravity: 1.042 (10.5* P)
    • IBU: 8


    Single infusion mash at 147° F for 60 minutes. Add first wort hop additions. Conduct 90 minute boil. Chill to pitching temperatures and add yeast. Ferment at 55° F.

    Once primary fermentation is complete, rack to secondary. Sanitize a cutting board and knife and peel, seed, and chop one English cucmber reserving 60 grams (any remainder can be added to a salad of your choosing). Wash and trim 15 grams of Genovese basil. Rough chop 3 grams of Juniper berry. Add these ingredients to a hop sock that has been santized through boiling. Tie off hop sock and add to the secondary.

    Condition in secondary for 2 weeks. Bottle or keg, and enjoy!

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