Future Forward Sour Saison

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Recipe courtesy Taopiphop Limjittrakorn

Future Forward Sour Saison is a mixed-fermentation fruit beer inspired by my political engagement to a local Sato brewer in northeastern part of Thailand. Sato is a traditional sticky rice beer using a local yeast ball called Look Pang, which contains mold, mysterious yeast strains, and Lactobacillus, all of which give a nice fruity sour character to the brew.

Due to the hot climate of Thailand, this brew is designed for a high fermentation temperature using mixed yeast strains, saison yeast, and a Sato yeast ball. I also used lychee fruit from the northern hill tribes of Thailand. This recipe embraces the lost art of traditional Thai brewing.

I consider brewing to be an ancient human right. People should be able to make their own beer and bring happiness to share with their community. I am working on the laws here and looking forward to a future in which craft beer can be brewed in Thailand and later exported to the world.

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