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Perfect Plain Brewing Co. Holy Spin American IPA

Dubbed the Holy Spin, the third spin of a vinyl record is known to be when the tunes are at their best. This IPA recipe from Perfect Plain Brewing Co. was the third turn of their brewhouse and is dry-hopped, abundantly so, with citra hops to the tune of 3.3lb/bbl!

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Perfect Plain Brewing Co. Holy Spin American IPA | American IPA


  • For 5 gal (18.9 L)
    • 8.5 lb (3.9 kg) American Pale 2-row
    • 2.1 lb (0.95 kg)  Unmalted White Wheat
    • 10 oz (283 g) Flaked Oats
    • 1 oz (28 g) Nugget hops, 12.5% a.a. (60 min)
    • 2 oz (56 g) Citra hops (whirlpool)
    • 2 oz (56 g) Citra hops (dry hop)
    • 5 oz (142 g) Citra hops (dry hop)
    • Chico/American Ale yeast (Safale US-05)


    • Original Gravity: 1.061
    • Final Gravity: 1.01
    • ABV: 6.5%
    • IBU: 43
    • SRM: 5


    Single infusion mash at 150° F (66° C) targeting a mash pH between 5.2 – 5.4. Sparge as you normally would and collect your runnings. Boil for 90 minutes. Chill wort below 170° F (77° C) or below (if possible) before adding whirlpool hops for 15 minutes. Cool wort to 66° F (19° C) and pitch yeast. Dry hop with 2 oz of Citra hops 48 hours after the start of primary fermentation, being careful to prevent as much oxygen pickup as possible. Once final gravity is reached, add the remaining 5 oz of Citra dry hops for 5 days. Crash and carbonate to 2.5 volumes of CO2.