Pisswasser Lite

This recipe appears in the July/August 2017 issue of Zymurgy magazine in the article From the Glass: Big Brew Results by Gary Glass.

Recipe courtesy Marie-Annick Scott, Edmonton Homebrewers Guild

ALES Open Homebrewer of the Year Marie-Annick Scott shares one of her six award-winning recipes from the 2017 ALES Open—Canada’s largest homebrew competition—which was held April 17 to 22 in Regina, SK.

“I made this because one of my brothers can’t drink craft beers,” says Marie-Annick. “It’s a lot more work than most homebrewers would be willing to put in for what you get.”

This recipe is brewed using a process similar to that used by large breweries. You’ll brew a strong lager of 8% ABV, which is diluted to 4% ABV at packaging. This dilution process “minimizes the yeast flavors that you would get from fermenting the full batch volume and will give you that sought-after ‘flavorlessness,’” Marie-Annick notes. A long, multi-step mash program produces the highly fermentable wort necessary to accurately brew this style.

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