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Prairie Rose Meadery Vanilla Cinnamon Mead

Mead Day 2019 Official Recipe

Try your hand at this semi-sweet mead made with Madagascar vanilla bean and Saigon and Vietnamese cinnamon. Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, N.D. suggests pairing this with almost any sweet dessert. We think a Mexican hot chocolate cake would be perfect!

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Prairie Rose Meadery Vanilla Cinnamon Mead | Other Mead: Metheglin


  • For 6 gallons
    • 20 lb Clover honey
    • 3 gal Water, charcoal filtered
    • 2 pkgs Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast
    • 12.5 g GoFerm
    • 10 g Fermaid O
    • 10 g Fermaid K
    • 6.6 g Diammonium phosphate (DAP)
    • 1 Madagascar vanilla bean
    • 3 Saigon/Vietnamese cinnamon sticks
    • Fining/Clarifying agent


    • Original Gravity: 1.128
    • Final Gravity: 1.020
    • ABV: ~14%


    Heat water to around 110° F to help the honey mix in well. Add enough honey to reach gravity of 1.128. Cool must (unfermented mead) to 67° F.

    Rehydrate 2 packets (10 grams) of Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast in 115° F water with 12.5 grams of GoFerm. Let sit for about 20 minutes until foamy and add to must. Aerate wort either by stirring rapidly or directly adding O2 for a few minutes until the must is foamy.

    Nutrient Schedule

    IMPORTANT: The times noted are hours after the yeast was pitched. Also, before adding any dry nutrients, swirl the must to remove any CO2. This will help you avoid violent volcano-like activity in your must. Repeat this process before every nutrient addition.

    • 12 hours: oxygenate the must again
    • 24 hours: add 5 grams of Fermaid O
    • 48 hours: add 5 grams of Fermaid O
    • 72 hours: add 5 grams Fermaid K and 3.3 grams DAP
    • When gravity drops to around 1.086: add 5 grams Fermaid K and 3.3 grams DAP

    If the pH drops below 3.3, add Potassium Carbonate (0.25 – 0.5 tsp). Test and bring up the pH to about 3.45. The mead should be done fermenting in about 3 weeks.

    When fermentation is complete, add 1 Madagascar Vanilla Bean and 3 Saigon/Vietnamese Cinnamon sticks. Let sit for about 1 week – tasting every few days.  When flavor is at a pleasant level to you, remove the vanilla bean and cinnamon sticks.

    Rack to a new carboy and fine using Super Clear or other fining agent. If bottling, add potassium sorbate/potassium meta-bisulfite to stabilize.  If kegging this isn’t needed.