Road Trip Hard Cider

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James Werner of New Berlin, WI won a bronze medal in Category 32: Standard Cider & Perry during the 2018 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in Portland, OR. Werner’s new world cider earned 3rd place among 89 entries in the category.

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Road Trip Hard Cider | Cider and Perry


  • For 2.5 gall (9.5 L)
    • Use a blend of heirloom apples including approximately 10% crabs pressed with no pasteurization.
    • Add 1 ½ Campden tabs to juice and wait 24 hrs.
    • Add 6 ounces of 100% frozen concentrated apple juice and ½ lb. cane sugar.
    • Pitch 1 pkg. Lallemand CBC-1 yeast. (add nutrients as you see fit)


    • Original Gravity: Varies


    Primary ferment for 10 days (when 65% fermentation is complete). Transfer to secondary. Allow to finish fermentation completely. Add K-meta and K-sorbate to stabilize. Freeze concentrate 1 gal. of same cider to approximately ½ gal. and back sweeten to taste. Cold crash and allow to clear. (or add finings is desired) Carbonate if desired.