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Saison D’Potiron: Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale

Scott Jackson, member of Keg Ran Out Club (KROC) and Foam on the Range homebrew clubs in Colorado, shares his split-batch pumpkin ale recipes in the 2013 Sept/Oct Zymurgy, a recipe he’s been brewing for over 15 years and has a few medals to show for it.

Jackson says you don’t need to harvest fresh pumpkins to make pumpkin beer. Although baking fresh pumpkins works, you don’t get the same consistency as you do with a can of 100 percent pure pumpkin. Use the pumpkin in the mash, which although tricky, gives you a beautiful orange color and a little sugar from the starches in the pumpkin.

The protein rest reduces the gumminess of the pumpkin, and the rice hulls help with the sparge and wort collection. He also suggests using one clean high alpha hop addition at the beginning of the boil so you don’t disrupt the pumpkin and spice flavors.

Once your beers are finally ready, a fun, tasty way to serve the Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale is in a glass rimmed with brown sugar and to pair it with pumpkin-based desserts.

Saison D’Potiron: Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale | Specialty Beer


  • For 10 Gallons (38 L)
    • 19.0 lb (8.62 kg) six-row pale malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) 60° L crystal malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) Victory malt
    • 1.25 lb (0.57 kg) melanoidin malt
    • 1.0 lb (0.45 kg) rice hulls
    • 6.0 lb (2.72 kg) canned pumpkin
    • 2.0 lb (0.9 kg) maple sytup (end of boil)
    • 2.0 lb (0.9 kg) wildflower honey (end of boil)
    • 1.0 oz (28 g) Mangum pellets, 14% a.a. (90 min)
    • 1 tbs. McCormick's pumpkin pie spice (knockout)
    • For Pocahontas Pupmkin Ale (Half the Batch): White Labs East Coast Ale Yeast
    • For Saison D'Potiron (Half the Batch): East Coast Yeast Saison Brasserie Blend (WLP 565 or Wyeast 3711)


    • Original Gravity: 1.070
    • Final Gravity: 1.014
    • ABV: 7.35%/8.4%
    • IBU: 28
    • SRM: 13


    Perform a protein rest at 120°F (49°C) for 10 minutes and a saccharification rest at 154°F (68°C) for 60 minutes. Mash out at 168°F (76°C) for 10 minutes. Boil for 90 minutes. Ferment at 68°F (20°C) for two weeks. See the article text for brewing tips and more specifics.

    Suggested pumpkin preparation: Prepare your pumpkin by putting it in a separate pot containing about one gallon of water, stirring it to make  sure it is fully dissolved. Put the grain in the main mash vessel, mix, then add the pumpkin/mash water mixture.

    After two weeks, raise the temperature of the saison to 78°F (26°C) for a few days.

    Secondary fermentation for 2-3 weeks.

    Add pumpkin pie spice during kegging process for Pocahontas Pumpkin ale. Do not add pumpkin pie spice to Saison D’Potiron.

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