Stephan and Mark’s Apple Cider

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Stephen Northcutt of Vallejo, CA, member of the Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts (DOZE), won a gold medal in Category #27: Standard Cider and Perry during the 2010 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in Minneapolis, MN with the help of Mark Ristow. Northcutt’s Standard Cider and Perry was chosen as the best among 97 final round entries in the category.

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Stephan and Mark’s Apple Cider | Cider and Perry


  • For 10 Gallons (37.8 L)
    • 10 gallons apple juice
    • 2 vials White Labs English Cider Yeast



    1. Ferment for three weeks and transfer to Corny kegs. Allow to lager for two to three months, then filter and backsweeten with apple juice concentrate to taste. Force carbonate and enjoy.