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“Westside Sweet Heat” Specialty Cider

Jeff Carlson of Grand Rapids, MI won a gold medal in Category #31: Specialty Cider & Perry during the 2016 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in Baltimore, MD. Carlson’s specialty New World cider was chosen as the best among 128 entries in the category.

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“Westside Sweet Heat” Specialty Cider | Other Specialty Cider/Perry


  • For 4 gallons (15.14 L) & 5.5 gallons (20.82 L)
  • Golden Russet Cider

    Ingredients for 4 US gallons (15.14 L):
    • 3 gallons (11.36 L) fresh-pressed Golden Russet juice from Husted's Farm Market
    • 0.5 gallon (1.89 L) fresh-juiced wild crab apples
    • Premier Cuvée wine yeast
    • Fermax nutrients
    • liquid pectic enzyme

    Heirloom Blend Cider

    Ingredients fo 5.5 US gallons (20.82 L)
    • 5.5 gallons (20.82 L) Uncle John's Cider Blend (Baldwin, Grimes Golden, Winesap, Northern Spy, Winter Banana, York Imperial, Jonagrimes, and Rhode Island Greening)
    • Premier Cuvée wine yeast
    • Fermax nutrients
    • liquid pectic enzyme


    • Original Gravity: 1.054 & 1.056
    • Final Gravity: 1.000 & 1.000


    The final cider is a blend of two ciders: 2 parts Golden Russet to 1 part Heirloom Blend. Both ciders are treated the same: sulfite according to the pH, ferment with Premier Cuvée wine yeast, and add Fermax nutrients along with liquid pectic enzyme. Back-sweeten using simple syrup to 1.008, sulfite to 25ppm, and add potassium sorbate at a rate of 1/2 tsp. (2.5 g) per gallon. Dose the final cider blend with jalapeño wine to taste. Filter, keg, carbonate, and counter-pressure fill to a pétillant level.

    Golden Russet Primary Fermentation: 21 days at 60° F (16° C)

    Golden Russet Secondary Fermentation: 3 months at 55° F (13° C)

    Heirloom Blend Primary Fermentation: 28 days at 55° F (13° C)

    Heirloom Blend Secondary Fermentation:  2 months at 55° F (13° C)