5 Fruit Beer Recipes to Brew at Home

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fruit beer recipes

Brewing fruit beer is a great way to incorporate local ingredients into your next homebrew recipe and open up a whole new realm of flavors. We’ve compiled 5 homebrew recipes to show the array of possibilities for your next fruit beer.

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1. Hibiscus Mango Blonde


Mango Blonde Ale

La Perra Hermosa Coastal Brewery in Costa Rica incorporates local flavors in this blonde ale recipe.

The light body of the blonde ale allows notes from fresh mango and dried hibiscus to shine. One sip will transport you beach-side!

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2. Dark Night


Tangerine Porter

This recipe, featured in Radical Brewing, was created to answer the question “How dark can a beer be and still have some witbier character?”

The result is a porter brewed with tangerine zest and fermented with Belgian yeast, making for a milkshake-like texture and a flavor reminiscent of an orange creamsicle covered in chocolate.

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3. The Fall

cranberry saison recipe

Cranberry Saison

The cranberries in this saison recipe are all about the sugar because they are added to the mash.

The finished product is very much like a semi-dry white wine with lots of vinous overtones.

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Maui Brewing POG IPA fruit beer recipe

Tropical IPA

The name of this Maui Brewing Company IPA recipe comes from the star ingredients: passion fruit, oranges, and guava!

These three fruit additions along with the American hops make for a thirst-quenching IPA with strong hints of tropical juice.

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5. It’s All Mine So Keep Back

Cherry Berliner Weisse fruit beer Recipe

Cherry Berliner weisse

One sip of this award-winning cherry Berliner weisse will have you questioning the ethics of sharing.

A large additions of sour cherries are added after primary fermentation, adding an extra kick of tartness to the already sour German wheat beer.

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