Updated: 11/2020

Status: Permitted


mississippi flagMississippi statute §67-3-11 permits the home production of beer with limitations in regards to quantity brewed per person, household, and calendar year.


The Mississippi homebrew statute closely mirrors the federal law, including the same limits on production of 100 gallons per year for single adult households or 200 gallons per year for multi-adult households. The statute also allows for transport of homebrew for exhibitions and contests. The law does not allow for homemade beer to be produced in counties or municipalities where possession of beer is not legal.

In the legislative session of 2020, House Bill 1087 was submitted to simply legalize possession of alcohol in dry counties but still illegal to sell alcohol in dry counties. The bill passed, and as such, the homebrew statute has been amended to reflect that change with the omission of “if the beer is made in a county or municipality in which the possession of light wine or beer is lawful” from the original statute.

Special Provisions


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Applicable Statutory Material


(2)          (a) Every person twenty-one (21) years of age or older shall have the right to make homemade beer for personal, family, domestic or household uses without restraint by this chapter or otherwise.

(b) The maximum amount of homemade beer that a person may make in a calendar year shall not exceed:

(i) One hundred (100) gallons if there is only one (1) person over the age of twenty-one (21) years of age residing in the household; and

(ii) Two hundred (200) gallons if there are two (2) or more persons over the age of twenty-one (21) years residing in the household.

(c) A person who makes homemade beer as authorized in this section may remove the beer from the premises of the household where it is made and transport the beer only for the purpose of participating in a bona fide exhibition, contest or competition where homemade beer is being tasted and judged; however, homemade beer may not be sold or offered for sale under any circumstances.

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