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pennsylvaniaTitle 47, Chapter 1, Article I, § 1-102 defines Malt or Brewed Beverages as any beer, lager beer, ale, porter or similar fermented malt beverage containing one-half of one per centum or more of alcohol by volume, by whatever name such beverage may be called.

Title 47, Chapter 1, Article IV, § 4-492
Unlawful acts relative to malt or brewed beverages and licensees
It shall be unlawful–

(1) MANUFACTURING WITHOUT LICENSE. Except as provided herein, for any person, to manufacture malt or brewed beverages, unless such person holds a valid manufacturer’s license for such purpose issued by the board. Malt or brewed beverages may be produced by any person without a license if such malt or brewed beverages are produced not for sale and total production does not exceed two hundred gallons per calendar year. Malt or brewed beverages produced in accordance with this paragraph may be used at organized affairs, exhibitions, competitions, contests, tastings or judging provided it is not sold or offered for sale.

Special Provisions


State Alcohol Beverage Control Agency

  • Office of Chief Counsel
  • Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
  • 401 Northwest Office Building
  • Harrisburg, PA 17124-0001
  • Telephone Number: 717-783-9454
  • Fax Number: 717-787-8820

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