10 Articles to Celebrate Hop Harvest Season

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By the American Homebrewers Association

You don’t have to be in the beautiful Yakima Valley—the source of over 70% of the hops grown in the United States—to grow and harvest hops.

Homebrewers and gardeners around the world tend to their own hop plants or forage for the bitter cones in the wild. The resilient plant is easy to cultivate, and your effort is met with an annual harvest that can go straight into the boil for a fresh hopped beer or bagged up for future brews.

Explore the worlds of hop cultivation and culture with the following articles, recipes, and videos!

How to Grow Hops at Home

Whether you’re looking for a new adventure on the homestead or want more control over your brewing ingredients, growing hops at home is an easy and rewarding endeavor. Learn the ins and outs of growing hops at home.

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How to Harvest and Store Homegrown Hops

Growing hops is only worth while if you have a successful harvest! Find out the best time to pick your hops and how to get them ready for a your next (and future) brews.

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How to Build a Hop Oast

After harvest, drying is a crucial step in preparing your homegrown hops for storage. A hop oast is essentially a screen that hops are placed on to allow speedy drying, and they’re simple to set up at home.

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Showcasing Fresh Hops

Commercial brewers go to extraordinary lengths to get a fresh hop harvest to their brewery quickly enough to make the coveted fresh-hopped beers. Most home hop growers need only trek across the lawn to get their fresh hops in the brew kettle. This is a unique way to appreciate the quality and character of hops!

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5 Homebrew Con Recordings on Hops

Every year, Homebrew Con brings together the best speakers on beer, mead, and cider topics. Explore 5 of the quintessential seminar recordings on the belovedly bitter hop.

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drying hops on an oast

15 IPA Recipes from Craft Breweries

Have you ever wondered what Russian River Blind Pig would taste like with your homegrown hops? Here’s your chance! Show off the profile of your hops with these professional IPA “clone” recipes scaled down for homebrewers.

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5 Tips on Brewing IPA from Mitch Steele

Mitch Steele is the former brewmaster for Stone Brewing Co., and now serves as Brewmaster and COO at New Realm Brewing Company in Atlanta. Buckle up and learn from one of the IPA masters (and he shared a recipe!).

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Hop Substitutions

A lot of hops have close companions that can be used as substitutes in a pinch. Didn’t grow Galena hops? You can use your Nugget harvest instead! Explore this hop substitution chart to find even more uses for your homegrown varietals.

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10 Tips on Brewing West Coast IPA

It’s safe to say Julian Shrago, co-founder and brewmaster at Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in Long Beach, Calif., knows a thing or two about west coast IPA. Find out Beachwood’s method for brewing world-class IPAs that earned them the titles of Best Large Brewpub and Best Large Brewpub Brewer at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival.

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6 Hazy IPA Recipes from Craft Breweries

New England IPAs. They’re hazy. They’re juicy. They’re hoppy! Check out these 6 examples of hazy New England-style IPAs from independent craft brewers in the United States.

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